Synthetic bone substitute with antibiotic for prophylactic action.

ATLANTIK Genta is composed of 70 % Hydroxyapatite and 30 % ß tricalcium phosphate. The composition of the materials complies with the prevailing standards.

It has been specially designed to fill in bone cavities for orthopaedic surgical operations (except contaminated surgery), in particular cases:

• joint prosthesis,

• spinal,

• traumatology on closed fracture,

• osteotomies,

• Filling after tumour ablation.

It is strongly recommended when sensitive germs to gentamicin represent a risk.


  • ATLANTIK® Genta bone substitutes are micro-porous and macro-porous. The macro-porosity has an average size of 500 µm and is totally interconnected. The bone substitutes Atlantik Genta have a porosity and optimised surface to allow the rapid bone ingrowth and a good osseointegration.
  • ATLANTIK® Genta comes in bar, parallelepiped, corner, cylinder or granules form.
  • ATLANTIK Genta bone substitutes contain 150 mg of gentamicin stocked in the porosity of the implant:

Its function is to prevent the patient from infection of the operated wound when infection by gentamicin sensitive germs is a potential risk. All the gentamicin contained in ATLANTIK® Genta is released locally in the first hours after implantation. Releasing duration is less than 48 hours not to generate antibiotic resistant strains.

Fig.1. Local rate (=synovial liquid) and serum rate (=blood) of gentamicin after implantation of ATLANTIK Genta in the femur of a sheep (average on 5 sheep).

Fig. 2a : Microstructure of ATLANTIK Genta : the gentamicin is stored in microporosities Fig. 2b: Microstructure of ATLANTIK Genta after 48 h of in vitro diffusion. Microporosities are empty.


• Sterile double-packed

• Expiration date: 18 months after delivered

• Store at a temperature < 25°C,

• Use of gentamicin: Precautions and contra-indications consult manufacturer instructions.