bioplugBIOPLUG is a resorbable femoral cement restrictor. It was designed to inhibit the infiltration of cement into the diaphysis and to help generate pressure. It is physiologically inert and stable.

Use and performance

• Its flexibility enables a good adaptation to the medullary canal outlines and assures a perfect seal.

• Its cylindrical conical shape enables the insertion and a perfect stability once the plug is implanted.

• Its physical properties make it ideal for the obturation of the femoral medullar cavity.

• 80% of Bioplug is reabsorbed within 3 hours;

It is totally reabsorbed after a few days.


• Pure animal gelatin (Porcine) according to the European Pharmacopea.

• Glycerol

• Water

• Methylparahydroxybenzoate

Presentation and Storage

Sterile double pouches

• 6 sizes : 8-10-12-14-16-18

• Expiration date : manufacturing date + 5 years

• To be stored in a cold place, under 30°C