Antartik TCP is a synthetic resorbable bone substitute composed of 100% ß (ß-TCP). It is manufactured in accordance with a system of quality assurance. Its similarity to mineral components of bones makes them perfectly biocompatible.

Antartik TCP bone substitutes are designed to fill in bone cavities or to increase bone amount. They can be used as a support for healing :

- in case of loss of bone tissue (fracture, pseudarthrosis, arthroplasty repair),

- for vertebral arthrodesis if the bone substitute is not under mechanical stress,

- for maxillo-facial surgery,

- for dental surgery: periodontal or apical filling;

implantology (sinus floor or alveolar crest augmentation, filling of osseous defects around implants).

Its synthetic origin prevents risks associated with transmission of pathogens, therefore guarantees a total safety.

ANTARTIKTM TCP comes in the shape of granules: 0.5, 1, 2 or 4 mm micro and macro-porous granules with a porosity ratio close to 70%.


The surface and interconnected porosity of ANTARTIK TM TCP bone substitutes are optimised for bone ingrowth.

ANTARTIK TM TCP bone substitutes are completely resorbable due to their tricalcium phosphate phase, thereby allowing for the replacement of the bone substitute by natural bone.


-Sterile double-packed

-Stored at a temperature between 10°C to 40°C

-Single use product, it shouldn't be resterilised

-Expiration date: manufacturing date + 5 years