ActivScrew Glass


tournevis activscrew

ActivScrew Glass has a hexagonal head to optimize the torque applied by the surgeon and to facilitate its insertion into the bone tunnel

The screw has a cannulation of 1 mm of diameter provided by a guide pin.

 Advantages of ActivScrew Glass:

  • Designed through a partnership with a group of surgeons
  • Low tension in the screw designed to reduce the fracture risk the moment of the implantation.
  • It assures the fixation of the implant until it is stable. Resorption and loss of mechanical properties starts after the strengthening phase.


ActiveScrew is an interference screw use as a fixing system for the knee ligament.

It is composed of 30% bioactive Bioceramic glass and 70% biopolymer PLLA-PDLLA.



    For all sorts of trauma on the knee ligament

    For young and sportive patients

    After the rupture of the antero-lateral cruciate ligament knee (ACL) caused by:

    • A skiing accident
    • Mishit
    • violent contraction in the quadriceps
    • Rotation foot fixed




ActiveScrew glass is fixed with the help of MedicalBiomat screwdriver.

All the screws from the MedicalBiomat range doesn’t matter the size, are fix with the help of the MedicalBiomat screwdriver.

Guide pins are used to introduce the screw in the bone tunnel.

MedicalBiomat offers guide pins in addition to the screwdriver.