Collagen Membrane

MembGraftTM prevents adhesion tissue in different kind of surgeries (ortho, cardiac, dental, etc.)

MembGraftTM is a membrane made of pure cellular collagen optimized to be sutured, easy to handle and compatible with tissue healing process. The membrane acts as a barrier and guides the healing process by separating adjoining tissues and avoiding fibrosis.

 Bioactivity on cells

membrane de collagène

  • Collagen favours adhesion, growth and differentiation of most cell types
  • Improves healing processes
  • Improves biointegration
  • MembGraft prevents the adhesion of tissue during healing process.


-Completely Biocompatible and resorbable, in 3 months

-Biocompatibility and Bioperformance proved (in vivo tests)

-Easy to handle even wet

-Good mechanical properties: suturable, good elasticity



collagen membrane