ActivSrewTM Lactic

1- Definition & composition

ActiveScrew Lactic is an absorbable interference screw used as a fixation system for the knee ligament repair. It is composed of copolymer of lactic acid 70% poly(L-lactic) PLLA and 30% of poly (D,L-lactic)PDLLA

2- Design

ActivScrewTM Lactic has been designed to optimize the torque applied by the surgeon and to facilitate its insertion into the bone tunnel.

3- Applications

-Kenneth Jones method

-ACL/PCL Surgery

-DUDT method Ankle

-Operation of external lateral ligament: Watson-Jones method

4- Tools

ActiveScrew Lactic is fixed with the help of a special screwdriver.

Guide pins are used to introduce the screw in the bone tunnel.

MedicalBiomat offers guide pins in addition to the screwdriver.

5. Advantages of ActivScrew Lactic

Strong and safe fixation, similar to a metal screw thanks to its significant depth through nets.

A wide product range with different sizes to assure an accurate fixation in all bone tunnels.

Good tear resistance

Guiding pin for cannulation

Round screwthread to avoid damages to the implant

Visible to MRI and CT scan images

6. references

ActiveScrew Lactic is available in different length and diameter sizes