Botao is an anchoring ACL fixation device designed for the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee.

 The transplant is placed in the same position of the original ligament. The aim is to stabilize the new articulation.

 Botao has a rigid mechanical strength to ensure the stability of the joint. Its mode of anchoring is designed to withstand mechanical daily stress.



  • Transplant preservation due to the braiding of the round loop PET.
  • The transplant doesn’t slip due to the rigid fixation.
  • The traction tapes are presented in two colours to facilitate surgeon manipulation.
  • Alternative mode for ACL femoral fixation (cortical bone).
  • Composition

    Botao consists of :

  • A titanium button
  • A braid made of polyester
  • Two traction tapes made of polyester. 
  •  Storage

  • The implants are individually packed in double packaging.
  • 6 sizes (Regarding the length of the loop) 15, 20,25,30,35, et 45 mm.
  •  Expiration date: Fabrication date + 5 years