LacticPlug is a resorbable femoral cement restrictor designed to delimit the working area in order to stop acrylic cement progression and to facilitate the implant insertion under pressure. The synthetic material PLLA-PDLLA is widely used for knee ligament reconstruction, since it has a very good biocompatibility.


• LacticPlug allows a good adaptation to the contour of the medullar canal ensuring a good seal.

• Its conical shape enables the guiding during introduction and a perfect stability once the plug is introduced.

• The slots between the fins provide elasticity, which improve the bone/plug fitting

• LacticPlug is completely reabsorbed in one or two years.


• PLLA-PDLLA 70-30 / Poly (L/DL-lactic) (70-30))


• Double layered pouch. :

- External: OPA/Alu/PE

- Internal: PA/PE

• 6 sizes are available

• Expiration date : manufacturing date + 5 years

• To be stored at a temperature between 5 and 25°C.